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The D-ROCK Team Talk Men’s Designer Puffer Jackets & More!

The D-ROCK Team Talk Men’s Designer Puffer Jackets & More!

A good casual jacket is a staple in any stylish man’s wardrobe. We all need multiple coats and jackets each season, wherever we go - to Uni or work, to a brunch, to a night out. We need a lighter jacket in spring or summer to stave off the chills in the evening, and thicker more insulated jackets in winter to keep out the cold and rain. Puffer jackets are great for filling this role, but if you think you need a men’s designer puffer jacket with a hefty price tag to look on trend, then think again - there are some luxury, on trend jackets available right now in the jackets section of the D-ROCK store - including puffer jackets like ‘Andretti in black or grey.

A puffer jacket is a timeless piece that has been worn for years and will likely be worn for years to come. It’s never a waste of your cash either, since that timeless style means that unlike some other mens coats puffer jackets don’t really date. There are lots of men’s designer puffer jackets out there on the market too, in both high street stores and online boutiques as well as on Instagram.

However many of these are extortionately expensive, and so are out of reach of lots of on trend gen-Zers and millennials, who are either studying and not earning, or simply can’t push the boat out for a casual jacket costing thousands (which, in fairness, won’t even look any better than a cheaper brand). Yet when it comes to mens coats many guys do still chase designer labels, even if they don’t stand out since everyone ends up getting the same coats and jackets from the same few brands.


Be The Change - Be The D-ROCK Man

Men’s designer puffer jackets from D-ROCK stand out because they have unique brand details. D-ROCK design all their men’s designer puffer jackets with great care - the founders of D-ROCK have backgrounds in fashion and have many cultural and social influences. You can be sure that you’ll stand out and look bang on trend in any of our mens coats and jackets, wherever you’re going.

Men’s designer puffer jackets are normally lined with warm or insulative material because they are meant for colder climates or the winter months. Sometimes cheaper jackets have little or poor quality lining, or the outer material looks shabby and inexpensive, or both. For that reason, it’s best to invest in a high quality brand such as D-ROCK, which is still very affordable. D-ROCK also offers lighter jackets for the summer months, when you don’t need a super thick coat to keep warm - as you’ll see below.

 The ‘Andretti’ men’s designer puffer jacket from D-ROCK isn’t as ‘heavy duty’ as some of our other designs (so it’s great for changeable conditions, summer nights and so on). It comes in black or grey, and has a contrasting body and sleeves. This casual jacket has a very on-trend quilted design which avoids the traditional straight lines of padding in favour of a modern, moulded pattern design that’ll make you stand out. Andretti also has a ribbed cuff and hem, and a hood. It’s also machine washable, meaning it’s durable - perfect if it happens to get muddy during the festival season!


D-ROCK Moore puffer jacket

Other great coats and jackets from D-ROCK

Men’s designer puffer jackets always look great thrown over anything, whether that’s jeans and trainers, your suit for work, or joggers. However, we do acknowledge that although the men’s designer puffer jacket is a classic wardrobe staple, it might be too warm for the summer months (depending on British weather!). Luckily D-ROCK have an amazing range of light weight, breathable jackets, perfect for throwing on on chillier summer days - such as our ‘Chance’ mens hooded windbreaker in black or grey, or our ‘Cain’ full zip windbreaker (which features the trendy check pattern that we were talking about earlier). Both of these are also failsafe items that look fresh whatever you pair them with.