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About Us


D-ROCK is a contemporary menswear brand, which is focused on elevating everyday essentials for the fashion-forward, powerful modern man.

We understand that everyday life is a challenge, whether that be balancing home life with work or working on your physical or mental health etc.

Dressing well and feeling good shouldn’t be part of that daily challenge! That’s why we design and manufacture our clothing products down to the finest detail to make you feel and look great, no matter what life throws at you!


 The Beginning

 Based in North East, England and founded back in 2017 by brothers in with respective professional businesses in fashion and fitness, it is a blend of backgrounds, cultures and family that have inspired them to create D-ROCK.

“Designed in the North East with passion, our dads worked so hard to support our family through making menswear for over 30 years. D-ROCK stands for freedom, self expression and confidence – the only way is up

“We make collections with the modern man in mind. Designing with noticeable confidence we push ourselves to find the best fit and develop stand out pieces” 

The Meaning

 The D-ROCK man is a leader. He is a leader in way of change. He is not afraid to stand out and be the change that the world needs, whether that be at home, work or leisure.

Our high-end fabrications and expert attention to detail make D-ROCK the brand of the future for luxury menswear with a street attitude that stands out from the rest. The finest detail leads to biggest change.

Never give up on yourself.