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Autumn Men's Fashion Trends for 2022

Autumn Men's Fashion Trends for 2022

Our team break down the Autumn men's fashion trends for this year

Men’s fashion week takes place every autumn, and sets the tone for what’s going to be on trend for the rest of the seasonFashion week is a space where designers experiment with new looks and styles. More than two years post-pandemic, the impact of limited travel, smaller catwalk shows, and virtual rather than real-life audiences, the fashion world has been unsure of where to go next. Who’s going to set the trends? Will it be celebrities, crowds who gather outside the fashion shows, or Instagram influencers? Or will it be the designers, as it usually has been - though, on the flipside, designers have always been heavily inspired by music, culture, and the general mood of the time.

Currently, the ‘chaotic’, messy way that Gen-Z dress is influencing the runways. It’s clear that fashion’s audience is undergoing changes, and the clothes we’re seeing on the catwalks reflect this. D-Rock has always wanted to cater for the modern, confident man who wants to look on-trend, but with his own accent or twist.

D-ROCK zipper pull close up

So, D-ROCK has always been a fashion-forward brand, and one which draws on many cultural and social influences. Our founders have a background in fashion going back decades, so D-ROCK is very fashion-aware and we reflect that in our designs. However, D-ROCK as a brand has never positioned itself as a mere follower - the D-ROCK man sets trends, he leads, he doesn’t just go along with the flock. 

With summer drawing to a close and autumn weather pending, the D-ROCK team think that now's the time to share our take on the autumn trends to watch, and which ones we’ll be giving a miss.


Bomber & puffer jackets

Bomber jackets have been a reliable option when it comes to men's coats, and they are still a catwalk mainstay today. They’re big and hardy, and often cut from the wet-look material that’s been on trend for some time. D-ROCK have always been fans of a bomber or puffer-style jacket in autumn and winter, and you'll find a number of different options for these on our store. They’re versatile, they’re simple enough to look fresh for months and possibly even years to come, and they’re comfortable - you need to have a bomber or puffer jacket in your wardrobe!


Power shoulder jackets

Broad, boxy shoulders were everywhere on the runway this autumn. They’re a little bit 80’s - this time round, though, they have cinched waists. 

This is power-dressing for the man who means business. While D-ROCK doesn't create tailored, formal clothing, we have always been a bold, confident brand with comfortable statement pieces that are great for more casual occasions. Our outerwear is definitely a strong look - with stand-out details like contrasting fabrics on the body and sleeves, quilted fabrics and oversized fits - our jackets will have you looking fresh wherever you’re headed.


Nipped-in waist detailing

In fact, tailored jackets and clothing with nipped in, cinched waists have been seen on menswear runways recently. This is an androgynous, maybe even feminine style, that’s been an influence on men’s fashion recently. D-ROCK's designers are aware of the trend but feel that it is likely to date easily - it’s a style that might be seen as trendy for the next few months, but by next year it will already be falling out of favour. D-ROCK likes to make high quality pieces which will look on-trend today as well as in a few years’ time, including our monochrome black and grey tracksuits, and our classic t-shirts - so if you like to get some good mileage out of the clothes you buy and look stylish throughout - we're the brand for you!


70s-style suits

Traditional tailoring is back on the runway, this time with a retro twist. Double-breasted, 1970s inspired suits were spotted at autumn fashion week. Actually, if we’re being accurate, the suits are more 1940s-meets-1970s. The colour palette is definitely 1970s - coffee, chocolate and mustard yellow, as well as tartan. 

These high-fashion suits will look good for guys who want to step into their offices looking stylish this autumn. However, many of us now work in a smart/casual office, or have no dress-code at all. D-ROCK don't create dress suits as we've mentioned above - but not all suits are dress suits, and we feel that some of our tracksuits also offer a clean, classic look similar to that of early tracksuits - which incidentally, was around the 70's and early 80's.

So, our range includes staples which will keep you looking on-trend and comfortable wherever you may be - at work, home, or out and about. Our tee shirts are all crisp, clean styles that look great paired with our tracksuits or with jeans, and if you pick the right shade you can also pull off the monochrome look - another trend for this year.



Runway shows have been featuring monochrome bodysuits for men, in black or even cooler hues like metallic silver. While D-ROCK have always been fans of a monochrome outfit,  the bodysuit is hard to pull off. No doubt some ultra-confident guys will be trying this, and they might even carry it off. For the most part though, the D-ROCK team think that cleaner, more wearable styles such as our tracksuits are a more accessible and practical way to wear the monochrome trend. D-ROCK has some amazing matching tracksuits in black or grey, which can be paired with a t-shirt or polo in the same shade to sport the monochrome trend.


Super low-rise jeans

The Gen-Z adoration for Y2K nostalgia is still going strong. Catwalk shows featured ultra low rise, baggy jeans, often worn with exposed boxers. The D-ROCK team think - like most in the fashion industry - that the Y2K trends are going to continue for some time, and our 'Yves' range, as well as other tees like 'Lester' are a great way to pair D-ROCK with any kind of jeans.

Don't forget that D-ROCK joggers can be worn low rise too, and you can size-up for an on-trend baggy style. D-ROCK joggers are also in keeping with the relaxed, care-free aesthetic of the Y2K trend, where Gen-Z wear their clothes as they want to, not constricted by ‘fashion rules’ that their parents were limited by.


Oversized scarves

As the weather gets cooler, scarves are starting to appear on runways. From what we've seen so far this year, long and oversized scarves are the on-trend item to accessorise with and complete your outfit. We may not sell these scarves ourselves in our online store, but we have every confidence that much of our range will look great when paired with an oversized scarf of the right colour!


In Conclusion

If you're a D-ROCK man, things are looking good - there are plenty of ways that you can pair the upcoming trends for autumn 2022 with the D-ROCK apparel that you already have in your wardrobe. Styles in menswear are always changing though, so don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram too so that you're always up to date with the very latest from our team!