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Mens Designer Tracksuit Bottoms - A Colour Guide

Mens Designer Tracksuit Bottoms - A Colour Guide

The sun is shining and the temperature is rising fast. D-ROCK’s new summer collection is out now and you may have noticed that there’s some lighter tones and a bit more colour in our new garments. That’s because the extra light and sunshine on offer can really make colours pop - so you get a better impact and impression from mens designer tracksuit bottoms with bolder colours in summer than you do in wintertime - when grey, misty days really don’t let those colours shine the way they should.

Why are we focusing on fashion tracksuits - and in particular mens designer tracksuit bottoms - for this? Quite simply for two reasons. One - the fashion tracksuit (and hence the mens designer tracksuit bottoms) will tend to be the outer layer of your outfit, and as such the most visible - certainly more than the t-shirt or vest worn with it. And two - when you’re looking at someone you’ll tend to focus on their top half - what’s being worn there will be the focus, but you will still see the rest of their outfit in peripheral vision. This means that the bottoms you wear are a complimentary or accent piece, they usually aren’t the statement piece of an outfit, so you can afford to be a bit more adventurous with the colours you choose.

With that said then, what are the best colours for mens designer tracksuit bottoms this summer? Read on below, and let the D-ROCK team show you!

Black & Dark Grey

It may be summer, but black still goes with everything, and that means it should still be part of your wardrobe  Black is one of the trends we’ve seen from a large number of designers this summer, and that’s because no matter whether it's a new pair of mens designer tracksuit bottoms, a full fashion tracksuit like our ‘Paxton’ tracksuit in black, or accessories such as rings, wrist bands, piercings etc. - black items of clothing are just so versatile.

Some people may have concerns about the tendency of black clothes to absorb heat, and see that as a bad thing in summer. That’s a concern we definitely understand, but don’t forget that this can be offset somewhat with the right materials. Black flannel or fleece is not going to be the best choice in summer, but black polyester - because it’s shiny - will reflect the heat more and keep you cooler.


White, Off-white & Light Grey

The choice of white or light grey for your mens designer tracksuit bottoms or full fashion tracksuits shows a bit more of a desire to stand out, since you’ll be shining even brighter if the sun is out! Like black garments, white and greyscale garments are highly versatile, and great to pair bolder colours with - since they don’t have a strong hue of their own they will clash with the rest of your outfit a lot less. A couple of great examples from the D-ROCK store here include 'Stan’ in stone, or ‘Paxton’ in grey.


Blue is the colour of cold. When we see it, no matter where it is, we subconsciously understand that and associate it with cold things. This association makes it a good choice when the weather is hot, and as a result you’ll see a fair amount of blue in our Spring / Summer collection for 2022. One example is Dom’ in navy blue, or the sleek blue-grey look of Oden’ in our ‘petrol’ colour. While we are focusing on fashion tracksuits and mens designer tracksuit bottoms here, we’d be remiss not to mention our ‘Yves’ t-shirt too, which is available in sky blue as well as a darker tone, and pairs really well with the two suits we’ve mentioned to create a great complete outfit.

Reds & Other Colours

Just as blue is the colour of cold, reds, yellows and oranges are the colours of fire, and signify heat. They stand out well, sure, but they can actually make the problem of feeling warm in summer worse. In addition, their boldness means that even if you’re not intending this to be the case any mens designer tracksuit bottoms or jackets in these colours automatically become the statement piece of our outfit. That same quality also means that it’s all too easy for boldness to become garishness if you don’t think carefully about the items that you pair these colours with.