Top 4 Autumn/Winter 2021 Trends

October 05, 2021 1 min read

Top 4 Autumn/Winter 2021 Trends

Top 4 Autumn/Winter 2021 Men's Clothing Trends

We're kicking off the Autumn Season with the latest Mens fashion trends, so we can keep you updated and keep you looking as fresh as winter air, check out our top 4 AW21 trends and where to find them below. 


1. Puffer Jacket 

Our MOORE and BUTE puffer jackets are one of the many solutions to keeping wrapped up this season, with puffer jackets being the standard Autumn/Winter trend for a couple of years now, we've adapted the classic take on a puffer jacket to give you freshest yet unique puffer look - in true D-ROCK fashion. 



BUTE black buffer jacket with faux fur hooded collar


2. Classic Leather Jacket 

Our BALE jacket is a classic leather jacket that will have you turning heads, for when you fancy a night out on the town but don't want the hassle of bringing along a full winter coat, we know... we've got you covered.  


3. Sweats...sweats...sweats! 

A go to sweatshirt for the Autumn and Winter seasons is a must have, we've got the perfect grey tone sweatshirt with silver hardware-esque detailing that with have you looking fresh while staying cosy all season long. Check out our TANE sweatshirts here! 

Grey textured metal hardwear detailing sweatshirt


4. Easy tracksuit for any occasion

We know how hard it is to outfit plan when you wake up and the weather outside looks and feels on par with Antarctic levels of cold, thats why you need one of our freshest tracksuit sets as your go to look, perfect for layering with a nice jacket and long sleeve tee under, you cant go wrong, check out the range here! 

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