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Must Have Freshers Fits!

Must Have Freshers Fits!

With Universities across the country re-opening their doors and welcoming students back we thought we'd give you a little look in to how you can make that perfect first impression... switching all the home comforts for super noodles and unwashed clothes means we can't guarantee you'll feel fresh after any freshers event you certainly will look it! 


First up we have our ORION SUIT this suit is a must have, wear it to lounge around in all day long and still be ready to head straight out at the drop of a hat...did someone say round 2?! 



Black tracksuit with reflective oil slick panel detailing


A fresh tee for a fresh day, start your week off turning heads, our crisp white ALESI tee with check detailing will have you looking smart without trying. Start as you mean to go on! 

White short sleeve t-shirt with check detail paneling on sleeves


Our LEGACY TEE in black is a fool proof option, all black detailing adds that touch of class to any club ready look - pssst given the colour you can give it a spray over and rewear as many times as you dare...

Black tee with black striped detailing and pocket



Our ATLAS suit in grey is a winner every-time, when you're at the end of your tether and need to drag yourself into your first lecture, this fail safe option will have all your lecturers thinking you're as fresh as a daisy!  

Grey tracksuit with black detailing